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The Boss
       David Wolff started his career in the antique
world in the early 90's as the Production Manager of
Materials Unlimited.  Amongst his responsibilities was
the management of all antique light fixture restorations
for the company's inventory.  At the beginning of his  
tenure at Materials Unlimited its lighting inventory
consisted of several dozen semi-restored fixtures.  
Thirteen years later the inventory consisted of several
hundred fully restored antique light fixtures!  The
culmination of his work there being the recognition of
Materials Unlimited by   Underwriters Laboratories for
safe incandescent light fixtures.

      Throughout the years David saw a demand for
light fixture restoration and repair from the general
public that Materials Unlimited was unable to
accommodate due to its commitment to its own
inventory restoration.  Thus, The American Electric     
Light Company was born.  The AEL Co.takes great
pride in providing top notch service to its customers
and helping to preserve yesteryears light fixtures.
Expect the best from The American Electric Light
Company LLC!    
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